BTClevels | Rules

At first, on a bitcoin binary option you should look at the graph as it'll be your essential working tool. It shows the price fluctuation indexes it receives from HitBtc exchange house. On the right part of the graph you can see the expiration period time, stop time and current rate.


Expiration iis a moment when all bets made over this period of time are revealed; those who have made a successful forecast receive income, while those who failed to issue a correct forecast lose their bets. Our optional mechanism is flexible in terms of expiration periods. The expiration period duration of our binary options are 60, 240, 480 and 1440 minutes.

A high-rate bet is your forecast which indicates that at the moment of expiration the price will be higher than when you made your bet. The system will give you an applicable text notification before you make the bet.

A low-rate bet is your forecast which indicates that at the moment of expiration the price will be lower than when you made your bet.

This way you can analyze the graph and make the bets according to your needs and experience.

Please keep in mind that each option has stop invest time. Bets for a certain expiration period are accepted during a certain time before the expiration:

1H option – no later than in 30 minutes
4H option – no later than in 60 minutes
8H option – no later than in 120 minutes
24H option – no later than in 120 minutes

The bet confirmation time for Bitcoin transfer is limited to 10 minutes. We would like to point out that the bet amount you choose at platform and the transaction amount in your member's area must be equal, otherwise the bet won't be counted.

How are your winnings and calculated

After you have made a bet and your prognosis was correct, you will share the total amount of BTCs of the losing side with the participants who also made the correct prognosis. The size of your reward depends on the size of your original bet. For example, if you placed a bet for 1 BTC, and someone placed a bet for 2 BTCs, this second participant will receive twice the size of the reward you will receive.

Depeding on the time you placed your bet, you will fall into one of our 4 groups subject which benefit different rates.

GroupTime zone (minutes)
from the beginning of expiration

Suppose you placed bet of x_1 BTCs in the first 6 hours, you will then be placed into the group G_1 whose rate is r_1.

Assuming that your predictions were true, and the losing side had a total of T bitcoins in the pot upon expiration, your total payout is calculated by the following formula:

Where ∑x_i is the total amount of BTCs placed as bets by the users on the winning side in the first 6 hours.

If you placed multiple bets at during the period in the first 6 hours, then x_1 is the sum of all these bets.

In case you placed bets at other times, then your generalized winnings formula is computed as follows:

Where x_(G_i ) is the total amount of BTCs you placed during the period G_i, and r_i are the different rates from which the different G_i’s benefit.


Below the bet interface you can see a complete list of the bets you have made. Please bear in mind that this list functions through cookies and you will not be able to see your bets unless you have cookies switched on.

One way or another, any bet you make participates in a certain expiration period. In case you if you have issued a correct forecast, the reward will be credited to your account.

We strongly advise you to use hardware electronic money purses with a fixed address. So and in no other way we will be sure that the system sends you a reward you are entitled to receive.

Also, at the bottom of Trade page you can see a list of previous expiration periods.

Please mind that if we cannot receive data from HitBTC trading house due to connection problems, the expiration indexes will be calculated according to the price we will receive once the connection with HitBTC has been reestablished. Such price indexes are published in Expiration column in the list of made bets.